Исаак Ньютон

Исаак Ньютон

"При изучении наук примеры
полезнее правил."

Уильям Шекспир

Уильям Шекспир

Три правила достижения успеха:
1.знать больше, чем остальные;
2.работать больше,чем остальные:
3.ожидать меньше,чем остальные.

Сэмюэль Джонсон

Сэмюэль Джонсон

"Любопытство-одно из
самых непреложных и
очевидных свойств
мощного интеллекта"

Френсис Бэкон

Френсис Бэкон

1.Знание-это сила,
сила есть знание.
2.Чтение делает человека знающим,
беседа-находчивым, а привычка



1."Школьные учителя обладают
властью, о которой премьер-
министры могут только
2."Какой бы ни была хорошей
стратегия,время от времени
надо посматривать на



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Для учащихся 4 класса: Maisie and the dolphin
в конце каждой страницы размещены вопросы, на которые необходимо ответить:
Maisie and the Dolphin сжат.jpeg

Maisie and the Dolphin1 сж.jpeg


- Bahamas

- in the Bahamas

- at the Freeport Animal hospital

- work at the hospital

- by the sea

- likes reading and swimming

- is next to their home

1. Who is this book about?

2. What is her name?

3. Where does she live?

4. Does she live in the Bahamas?

5. Does she live in Mexico?

6. How old is she?

7. Is she thirteen or twelve years old?

8. Does she like classical music (pop music)?

9. Does she like reading and swimming?

10. Has she got a family?

11. Is her family large?

12. Has she got a grandfather?

13. Does he live with the family?

14. Are her mother and father doctors?

15. Where do they work?

16. Is the hospital next to their house?

17. What colour is her house?

18. Is it by the sea?

19. Is it old or new?

20. Is it beautiful?

21. Does Maisie love her house?

22. Does her grandfather love it too?

Maisie and the Dolphin2 сж.jpeg


- On Saturday (on Sunday)

- a boat

- the Warm Wind

- to swim underwater

- to look at

- a fish - fish

- Fish live in the sea

- There are a lot of fish in the sea

- a piece of wood

1. What do Maisie and her grandfather do on Saturdays?

2. What is the name of the boat?

3. Does Maisie like to swim underwater?

4. Are there many beautiful fish there?

5. Are there many beautiful corals there?

6. Does she like to look at all the beautiful fish?

7. What does she see one day?

8. Are there any letters on the piece of wood?

9. Does Maisie know what it is?

10. Does she want to ask Grandad about it?


- to swim back to

- to listen to

Listen to me!

Don't listen to the radio!

- to watch something

- expensive

- an expensive boat

- fast

- It is too late

- to hit somebody/something

1. Does she swim back to the Warm Wind?

2. Does she want to ask Grandad about that piece of wood?

3. Is he listening to her?

4. What is he looking at?

5. Is the boat going very fast?

6. Is there a dolphin in the sea near the boat?

7. Does the driver see the dolphin?

8. What happens?

Maisie and the Dolphin3 сж.jpeg

pp. 4-5

- to be angry with

- $ 200,000 (two hundred thousand dollars)

- to build- built - built

- a hotel

- I need a little time

- to be ready

1. Is Maisie angry with the driver?

2. Does she want to help the dolphin?

3. Why does she want to help the dolphin? (Does she like animals?)

4. What does Maisie see when she comes back home?

5. Whose boat is it?

6. Where does he come from?

7. Is Carl Flint very rich?

8. What does he want to buy?

9. Is he ready to give a lot of money for the hospital and the house?

10. How much money is he ready to give?

11. Why does he want to buy the hospital? Does he love animals?

12. Is Maisie's father ready to sell the house and the hospital?

Maisie and the Dolphin4 сж.jpeg

pp. 6-7

- next to the hospital

- next to the pool

- the next day

- after school

- a bucket

- to look at the moon

- to look out of

1. Whom can you see in the picture?

2. Why is she doing now?

3. Is she looking at the dolphin?

4. What is the dolphin doing?

5. Is he swimming in the sea now?

6. Where is he swimming?

7. Does Maisie want to give him a name?

8. What name does she like?

9. Is it a good name?

10. Does Maisie look happy or sad?

11. Why does she look sad?

12. Does she want to leave her house?

13. Does Maisie go to see Ben after school?

14. Is there a long red line on his head?

15. Why is Mrs.King sad?

16. Are there a lot of fish in a bucket?

17. Does Maisie give Ben a fish?

18. Does he eat the fish? Why?

19. Is Maisie's mother happy?

20. Does Ben like Maisie?

Maisie and the Dolphin5 сж.jpeg

pp. 8-9

- three weeks later

- strong and well

- to talk to

- to lose - lost

1. When is Ben strong and well again?

2. Are they friends with Maisie?

3. What do they do every day?

4. Does Mr.King want to keep the dolphin in the pool? Is it time for Ben to go back home?

5. Where is Ben's home?

6. Does he want to take Ben back to the sea?

7. Is Maisie sad?

8. Does she like to play with Ben? Does she want to lose her friend?

9. Does she understand that her friend Ben must live in the sea?

* * *

Maisie and the Dolphin6 сж.jpeg

pp. 10-11

- Where do Maisie and her grandfather take Ben the next day?

- Does Grandad stop the boat?

- Do they let Ben go?

1. Whom can you see in the picture?

2. Where are they?

3. What is the name of their boat?

4. Where do they live?

5. Is the nature beautiful there?

6. Are there mountains there?

7. Are they high? Does Maisie like to climb them?

8. Are there many palm-trees there?

9. Do they give much fruit?

10. What is the weather like?

11. Does it snow on the Bahamas?

12. Is the sea warm and clean there?

13. What does Maisie like to do when she has some free time?

14. Who is Maisie looking at now?

15. What has he got in his mouth?

16. Is Ben jumping up and down in the water?

17. Does he want Maisie to follow him?

18. Does Maisie jump into the sea and follow him?

Maisie and the Dolphin7 сж.jpeg

pp. 12-13

1. Is Ben jumping out of the water?

2. Does he want Maisie to follow him?

3. What does he want Maisie to do?

4. Does she jump into the sea and follow him?

5. Does she see a big box in the water?

6. Does Maisie open the box with the key?

7. What is there in the box?

8. Are there a lot of gold coins in the box?

Maisie and the Dolphin8 сж.jpeg

pp. 14-15

1. Is Maisie famous now?

2. Is her name in newspapers?

3. Does Mr.King telephone Carl Flint in New York?

4. Does he want to sell the house or the hospital? (Is his answer - no?)

5. Do the Kings have a lot of money?

6. What do they do with the money?

7. Is Maisie happy?

8. Can she always live in her house?